DRONE HOPPER – Extinguishing Wildfires, Spraying Crops

DRONE HOPPER – Extinguishing Wildfires, Spraying Crops Pablo Flores DRONE HOPPER’s mission is to design, manufacture, and operate semi-autonomous drones capable of extinguishing wildfires and supporting agricultural operations. These fire-fighting…

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GNSS-Assisted Drone Landing System

GNSS-Assisted Drone Landing System Manuel García Sánchez, Daniel Gómez Pérez This system will help to land a drone with accuracy and precision under extreme conditions – on a small floating…

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Intelligent Drone Rescue System

Intelligent Drone Rescue System Markus Manninger, Andreas Ploier, Azra Todoric The intelligent Drone Rescue System aims to become the first safety solution users choose for UAVs. The team behind it…

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