DLR Artificial Intelligence Navigation Challenge

The DLR Artificial Intelligence Navigation Challenge for resilience and autonomy was looking for solutions that enable automation and autonomy with reliable PNT – positioning, navigation, and timing – and strengthen PNT with smart approaches while providing maximum benefit to the user community.


Extended usage of GNSS requires reliable positioning services with appropriate
  • Accuracy
  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Continuity
with the scope to identify the problem, create a solution, overcome current limitations and prepare for the future. Business cases should be:
  • A technical and application-oriented solution
  • Ready and robust
  • Made for the best usage of Galileo/GNSS
  • Moving towards automated & autonomous operation
Areas of particular interest to DLR are:
  • Applications of AI and smart processing for improved reliability and resilience in navigation
  • Using crowd intelligence to detect and locate interference, jamming and spoofing, etc.
  • Environmental and propagation monitoring using crowd techniques
  • Threat detection and monitoring using smart distributed sensors
  • Application of GNSS and further navigation systems in automated or autonomous systems
  • Making GNSS receivers robust in challenging conditions
  • Fusing GNSS data with other sensors and augmentation for resilient PNT
  • Mitigating the cyber security threat
Ideas specifically addressing PRS, the Public Regulated Service within GALILEO, are not topic of the DLR prize.


5 man-month voucher* for DLR services

5 man-month voucher* for DLR services to aid the further development of the solution, incl.

technical support for research activities, access to testing and simulation facilities, expert advice, feasibility or concept studies & thus, support for eventual realisation

*A mutual agreement between the winner and DLR about the focus of work is required.

The prize itself is a bundle of activities that are executed purely within DLR. There is no way to convert this into a cash prize to be paid to the winner or other external parties. While all contestants will demonstrate their innovation competence merely by participating, the winner will enjoy the added benefit of having the Galileo Masters DLR Special Prize 2019 on their record as a testament of quality.

E-GNSS Accelerator Support

E-GNSS Accelerator Support

Chance to win one of three tailored E-GNSS Accelerator incubation prizes worth EUR 62,000 and an E-GNSS Accelerator crowdfunding prize worth EUR 35,000 (if eligible)
Extra Prize Money
An extra EUR 10,000 cash prize will be
allocated if your idea gets selected as
Galileo Masters 2019 Overall Winner
Overall Winner Only


Submissions to DLR Artificial Intelligence Navigation Challenge for resilience and autonomy will be assessed against the following criteria:

Benefit to the user community

Usage of Galileo/GNSS PNT services

Ideas and innovations will contribute to further optimising the operation and the evolution by honing existing approaches as well as with completely new thoughts to refuel the ideas tank

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