Catalonia / Spain Challenge

Prize 2019

The winning team of the Catalonia Regional Prize will receive:

Winning team

Total cash prize of EUR 1,000

A EUR 1,000 cash prize offered by ZBM Patents

Travel on Airplane

Free trip to Awards Ceremony

A free trip to the 2019 Galileo Masters Awards Ceremony and EU Space Week in Dec 2019 by Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM


120 hours testbed & Simulator

100 hours pack to use CTTC “GEMMA Navigation® Testbed” + “GNSS- IFEN Simulator” and 20 hours research staff support by CTTC Geomatics Division (worth EUR 6,000)

Piggy bank

patentability study worth EUR 3,000

A complete patentability study (worth EUR 3,000): In light of the prior art – either already known by the client or / and retrieved in a search – ZBM Patents will provide an opinion regarding the patentability of the invention and the scope of protection that can be expected

mentoring service worth EUR 3,000

A 24 hours mentoring service (worth EUR 3,000) provided by experts of Intelligent Consulting

consulting pack worth EUR 1,500

A 12 hours consulting pack (worth EUR 1,500), providing the knowledge and experience of Eurania Aviation Advisory Services experts team on aeronautical, technical, and regulatory criteria

Free co-working space

Free co-working space and office services (worth EUR 900) at Parc UPC Aerospace Castelldefels Campus

Access to tailored E-GNSS Accelerator support

Worth EUR 62,000 (if eligible)

E-GNSS Accelerator crowdfunding

Worth EUR 35,000 (if eligible)


For Drone-related winners

Benefit from a BCN DRONE CENTER 3 Day Pass (worth EUR 3,000)



Relevant ICT Sector

Biggest industrial clusters

Location for important exhibitions

Mobile World Congress, IoT Solutions World Congress and Smart City Expo and World Congress


First ESA Business Incubation Centre in Barcelona, Spain


Experienced team in spotting business innovations developed by the Spanish space industry and ESA technologies and in marketing them in the non-space sector


+34 93 266 71 38

Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM)

Mar Fernández


Regional Organiser

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM

KIM is an entity which seeks to align the expectations of industry and research and technological centres to exploit the opportunities of Open Innovation with the aim of stimulating the knowledge economy in Spain. KIM collaborates with ESA since 2012 when it was entrusted with the assessment, prioritisation and analysis of patent portfolio of the Agency to their application in non-space sectors in Spain. In 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) selected KIM as the new ESA broker in Spain. KIM has the role to detect business innovations developed by the Spanish space industry and ESA technologies, in order to market them in the non-space sector.

Regional Partners



Indra's mission: To be an innovative knowledge-based company in its relations with internal and external stakeholders, with the institutions that cultivate and develop this knowledge, and with the communities in which Indra operates.

ZBM Patents

Established in 2004, ZBM Patents has a strong team of 25 IP professionals, including qualified European Patent attorneys as well as Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorneys, which are trained and experienced in a wide range of areas such as mechanics, electronics, computer technology, pharmacy, chemistry, and biotechnology. This knowledge and experience, together with the personal attention to their clients, allows them to reach a deep understanding of the technical problems and thus to offer the best advice on patent issues.

Intelligent Consulting

IT and Communications applied to process improvement and competitiveness in organisations and public bodies. Intelligent Consulting brings together the expertise of professionals with extensive industry experience providing advisory services and provision of technology in the areas of aerospace, smart cities, marketing technologies, IT security, intelligent transportation systems, and training and dissemination actions on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

CTTC Logo - Catalonia Regional Partner


The Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) is a non-profit research institution resulting from a public initiative of the Regional Government of Catalonia. Research activities at the CTTC, both fundamental and applied, mainly focus on technologies related to the physical, data-link and network layers of communication systems, and to the Geomatics. CTTC has a professional scientific management, a critical mass of researchers and projects, real possibilities of growing and establishing durable links with the industrial and business sectors, and the capacity of leading technological projects, both national and international.

Barcelona Drone Center

BCN Drone Center

Barcelona Drone Center is one of the few test sites in the world for the development and testing of civil unmanned aerial vehicles. It counts with an official segregated airspace of 2,500 ha and a bioclimatic and sustainable building equipped with ground control station, workshop, office, meeting room and hangar, setting up the perfect environment for drone development and testing. The airfield counts with a runway, heliport, geodesic points and calibration targets, being a complete outdoor remote sensing laboratory. The Center is placed in a rural setting in nearby Barcelona area.

UPC. Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech

UPC. Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech

Parc UPC, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), is a highly concentrated knowledge and technology centre whose mission is to return value to society and promote better quality of life. Parc UPC provides facilities, technological infrastructures and value-added services, all aimed at fostering synergies between research stakeholders and companies and ultimately designed to ensure successful projects and enterprises.

E-GNSS Accelerator Partner

European Commission

The prize pool is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Grow. The aim of the “E-GNSS Accelerator” is to foster the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS and high technologies in EU28, the EEA and ENP countries.


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