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Got a service, product, or business solution or idea that uses satellite navigation in everyday life? Then put it on the fast track with help from the largest innovation and incubation network dedicated to satellite navigation. They offer you a EUR 1 Mio prize pool to take your business to the next level!

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We explain how to participate in the Galileo Masters competition step-by-step. If you need further support with your submission, get in touch with us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Galileo Masters?

The Galileo Masters is an innovation competition that annually awards the best services, products, and business ideas using satellite navigation in everyday life. Its mission is to spur the development of marketdriven applications based on satellite navigation technologies.

Who organises the Galileo Masters?

AZO organises the competition with strong support of world-class partners handing out topic-specific prizes and regional prizes. Partners include the European Commission (EC), the European GNSS Agency (GSA), the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Germany (BMVI).

I’ve heard that the Galileo Masters is looking for innovative solutions. What does that mean?

The Galileo Masters annually awards the best services, products, and business solutions using satellite navigation data (e.g. Galileo, GPS, GLONASS or Beidou) in everyday life. The spectrum of submitted innovations reflects the manifold opportunities made possible by this future‐oriented technology: From healthcare and leisure to traffic management and other rail, sea, and air transport logistics, individuals and entire industries alike can benefit from satellite navigation. See all main application fields here.

What kind of solutions can be submitted?

The Special Prizes tackle global challenges with revolutionary competition entries in the fields of agriculture, smart moving, UAV, energy, tourism & travel, smart cities and maritime – just to name a few. See all main application fields here.

What can I win?

Participants have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes. This includes cash prizes, business development support, technical support and much more which enables winners to take their business project to the next level. You can find the prizes for each challenge on the Challenge pages. If your solution will be among the top 10 Galileo Masters innovations, you will be in the run for EUR 62,000 E-GNSS Accelerator business support: Tailored business development services according to the maturity of your project: www.galileo-masters.eu/accelerator.

If I submit my solution, what are the benefits for me/my company?

Winners gain visibility in front of Europe´s key stakeholders of the space industry, have access to a large expert networks, and profit from the individual prize pools of the different challenges. The feedback provided by experts and the support received by partners helps participants to take their business to the next level (see success story examples at www.space-of-innovation.com)

What are the key dates of the competition?

Submission Phase: May – July 2019

Evaluation Phase: August-September/October 2019

Awards Ceremony – Space Oscars: December 2019.

How do I become the Galileo Masters Overall Winner?

The Galileo Masters Overall Winner is selected from the pool of Challenge winners by an international panel of high-ranking experts.

What is the E-GNSS Accelerator?

Galileo Masters winners and finalists benefit from an increased prize pool thanks to the E-GNSS Accelerator, but they can benefit even more: If they are among the top 10 Galileo Masters winners, they get invited to an exclusive Bootcamp taking place before the Galileo Masters Awards Ceremony. The top 3 bootcamp candidates then get awarded in front of a high-ranking audience at the Galileo Masters Awards Ceremony and receive an additional incubation and acceleration prize package worth EUR 62,000.

The programme is funded by the European Commission’s DG Grow and supports the market uptake of Galileo / EGNOS through co-financing regional prizes and business incubation with additional EUR 1.28 M. The programme supports the winners of the Galileo Masters from the EU28, EEA and ENP countries to move beyond idea conception into business incubation and to promote the development phase of true commercial ventures.

What are the requirements for my submission?

The most important thing is that you complete your submission during the period 1 May – 31 July 2019. You can find more detailed information about the requirements in our terms and conditions.

I am not located in /or a citizen of Europe. Can I still apply?

Enterprises, scientific institutions, and individuals of legal adult age are entitled to participate in the Galileo Masters. Submissions will be accepted from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to be represented by a company or scientific institution?

No, you can either participate as an individual person, a group, or be represented by a company/university or scientific institution. The Galileo Masters offer challenges and support at every level of the value chain!

Can startup companies participate in the Galileo Masters?

Startups are highly welcome. The Galileo Masters Challenges offer optimal business support to startups and thanks to the network of 141 partners, you will be able to get the support you need to accelerate your business!

Can I enter as an individual or do I have to be part of a team?

You can either participate as an individual person or as a part of a team, both are possible.

What if my solution does not cover Europe or affect European citizens – but other regions? Can I still apply?

Yes! You can also submit solutions which are not directly covering Europe or affecting its citzens. The Galileo Masters is looking for innovative solutions and submissions from all over the world making use of different kind of satellite navigation data – the European satellite navigation system Galileo and EGNOS, but also further systems like GPS, GLONASS or BEIDOU, that can be used or implemented on a broad and international scale.

Are there any age restrictions?

Participants must have reached the minimum age/legal adult age.

Do I need a working prototype of my solution in order to enter the competition?

The only Challenge that requires an existing prototype is the GNSS Living Lab Challenge.

How mature does the solution need to be?

Each Challenge has their own requirements, so make sure to read the Challenge descriptions: www.galileo-masters.eu/challenges

How can I submit my idea and where do I find the submission database?

You can register on the Galileo Masters website and submit your idea through our database.

How much time do I have to spend answering the questions in the database?

If you have your solution already formulated, it will take about two hours to submit.

Is it possible to submit the same idea for more than one Challenge?

No, this is not possible. The only exception are the Special Prize Challenges. In order to double your chances to win, you can also submit your solution or idea to one of the Special Prize challenges which are topic-specific (regional Challenges are not topic-specific and offer you mainly local business support).

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry, but the solution has to be different.

I already took part in the Galileo Masters before. Can I take part again?

Yes, you can take part again, but your solution or idea should be further elaborated. You can also submit a completely new solution or idea to the new competition round.

How can I ensure that my solution is safe?

Solutions or ideas submitted to the competition are protected against unlawful access by unauthorised third parties. Experts and all other personnel who organise the competition, are also required by contract to treat all matters highly confidential. Please find more detailed information in the terms of participation.

Can I join the competition without a patent?

A patent is not required for the participation of the Galileo Masters.

I submitted my solution or idea, what is the next step?

Following the end of the submission phase, solutions will be evaluated by panels of international experts. If you are a finalist, you will be informed by the Galileo Masters Special Prize and Regional Challenge partners (see contact details at each challenge landing page). If you are not amongst the finalists, you will be informed latest in October.

When will I be informed about the status of my submission?

If you are a finalist, you will be informed by the Galileo Masters Special Prize and Regional Challenge partners (see contact details at each challenge landing page) by Mid-September latest. If you are not among the finalists, you will be informed in October at the latest.

How is the evaluation process structured?

The panel of experts will first complete an online evaluation to identify the finalists of each challenge. After that, usually the finalists will be informed. Finalists will then get invited to present their solution in front of an expert panel of the dedicated Galileo Masters Challenge (via video conference or on site). Hereafter the winner of each challenge will be nominated and informed. An overall evaluation meeting will then take place in September  where the heads of Galileo Masters experts will select the Galileo Masters Overall Winner. During the festive Awards Ceremony – the Space Oscars – of the Galileo Masters the Overall Winner will be announced.

Who will evaluate my idea?

A panel of international experts with various fields of expertise (technique, business etc.). Here you can see an overview of all 200 Galileo Masters experts.

Will I have the chance to present my submitted idea personally in front of the experts?

This depends upon the organisers of each Challenge. They will get in contact with you and inform you accordingly by Mid-September latest.

What are the main assessment criteria to win a Challenge?

Each Special Prize Challenge has their own criteria, make sure to read the individual challenge descriptions.

The Regional Challenges are not topic-specific, but participants should be able to present a viable solution (makig use of satellite navigation data) in terms of technical, commercial and legal aspects.

How many winners will be selected?

One winner per challenge will be selected. From these winners, the overall winner will be chosen.

Is it possible to be nominated as a finalist for more than one prize?

If you submitted more than one different solution, then you can be selected as a finalist for more than one prize. You can also be nominated as a finalist for both a Special Prize Challenge and a Regional Challenge with the same solution.

Will I get feedback on my submission?

Yes, after the overall evaluation meeting took place in the last week of September, you will receive feedback on your submission via the database.

Will I be informed how my entries have been evaluated?

No, this information will remain secret.


Here you can download the Terms of Participation, as of 24.04.2019.

All complete entries are assessed by the expert panels of the respective Regional and Special Prize Challenges. All experts assigned to evaluate the submitted solution have to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to gain access to the proposals.

The Overall Winner of the Galileo Masters is selected from among all the Regional and Special Prize winners by an international panel of high-ranking experts. The Overall Winner is selected in a secret vote and revealed at the annual Awards Ceremony.

The experts are asked to assess the solution based mainly on the following criteria:

  • Potential benefit(s) of the solution
  • Innovation level
  • Significance of the use of GNSS in realising the solution
  • Technological feasibility
  • Availability of a prototype
  • Chances of becoming a commercial success
  • Investment potential
  • Time it would take to implement (time to market)
  • Legal risks
  • Advantage(s) compared to other existing/conventional solutions
  • Patent eligibility

The protection of Intellectual Property (IP) has our top priority.

Therefore, we have taken measures to ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted solution and protect your IP against any access by unauthorised third parties. Nobody receives any rights on the submitted solution. All IP always remains with the solution holder. The personnel and experts charged with carrying out the competition are committed to treating all matters confidentially and must accept a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) before getting access to the proposals.


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We offer you a dedicated helpdesk covering all sorts of queries. Our service staff are the primary point of contact for participants of the Galileo Masters.
So if you have any question about the competition please get in touch through the below contact point:

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Support is provided in English and German.