alcedo – the flying avalanche transceiver

alcedo – the flying avalanche transceiver Manuel Grauwiler, Dominic Gschwend, David Leuzinger, Martin Wyss, Luc Oth DESCRIPTION Alcedo is a lightweight mini-helicopter with four rotors. Combined with a state-of-the-art avalanche…

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Volumetric Navigation System

Volumetric Navigation System Rafael Olmedo Soler DESCRIPTION A Volumetric Navigation System defines a system that combines positioning, navigation and volume information in order to provide assistance to all the parties…

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TAGPS Transponder AGPS – EGNOS

TAGPS Transponder AGPS – EGNOS Alessandro Barazzetti In the recent years, we have helped in the expansion diffuison of light aviation, in particular that of very light aircraft (VLA) and…

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