Baden-Württemberg / Germany

BaWue Winner 2017

Distributed Ground Station Network (DGSN)

Andreas Hornig, Sebastian Kühn, Alexandros Kazantzidis, Jay Krishna, Timm Eversmeyer Mini-satellites, laptop satellites, cubesats and other concepts reflect a new type of satellite: Cheap, easy to realise and easy to…

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Civil engineering 3D+ guide

Civil engineering 3D+ guide Rainer Schrode, Ulrike Nohlen, Dr Alexander Beetz The civil engineering 3D+ guide developed by MTS defines data formats and digital construction processes from planning to billing…

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SkyAmps – Energy Solutions

SkyAmps – Energy Solutions Jens Rieder, Thomas Fischer, Andreas Poehlmann, Philip Kozlowski, Sören Burckardt, Simon Neipp, Julian Clamroth, Samir Krnjic SkyAmps is a wind power plant based on two kites…

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GUIGO – GNSS – based GUIding GOggles

GUIGO – GNSS – based GUIding GOggles Frank Schubert, Christoph Abart, Jakob Jakobsen, Nagaraj Shivaramaiah, Stefan Kappeler DESCRIPTION Swimmers mostly want to swim laps in a pool for their training….

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